Shipping Methods

South and Central Florida Shipments

We have a fleet of service vans that pick up samples on a daily basis throughout south and central florida. If you lab is within our service area, we will gladly schedule pick ups to your location as needed. Contact our representatives to learn more about our courier services.

National Shipments

For national service we use UPS and FedEx. Pick ups can be scheduled directly with your shipping provider at the following numbers
UPS (800) 742-5877
FedEx (800) 463-3339


Please order supplies through CBS Laboratories ONLY. Please use the packaging materials and labels that are included with your lab supplies. Instructions for packing and shipping specimens will be enclosed with your supply shipment.

Do not ask drivers for labels or bags since CBS Laboratories provides its clients with custom supplies. The supplies have specialized routing information that drivers do not have access to. This information is also important for billing purposes. Request any supplies using the Supply Re-Order Form.

Call us today and we will send our convenient pick up service that will visit your location directly.

Schedule a pick-up today?

Call our representatives at (305) 882-1051 to schedule a pickup. Our fleet of service vans runs daily throughout south and central florida, and can come to your offices to pick up the samples for testing.

Schedule a pickup today

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