Stat 24 Hour Testing Program

Need an urgent test

Need to perform a test and have it analyzed as soon as possible to make an urgent patient care decision? Through our STAT 24 service tests are performed quickly and efficiently; and results are issued immediately after the testing is completed. Furthermore, our experts are available immediately after the testing is performed to assist with any clarifications required by the medical professional procuring the test.

For more information about this, or any other of our comprehensive and cost- effective testing services, contact us today at (305) 882-1051. Our representatives are available to clarify any inquiry you may have about our convenient services and products.

**Courier pick up is available within certain service areas.

Our Stat-24 rapid analysis is ideal for those situations where rapid testing is required to make an urgent patient decision

Get quick results!

Our STAT 24 service is available 24 hours a day, Monday thru Saturday, and provides results within 4 hours of notification or 2 hours of receipt by our lab.

As soon as the testing is complete, one of our representatives will contact you with the results.

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